Our Services

Solent Turf Supplies Ltd covers all of Hampshire and provides complete turf laying and landscaping services.

Our services range from rotovating and turf laying to landscape gardening. We also undertake regular contracts for tree planting and general garden maintenance.

Our services include:

Turf laying
Why not let our expert team offer our turf laying services to give your lawn a professional finish? Updating your lawn is one of the most popular landscaping projects that homeowners embark on, your garden shouldn’t be a neglected outside space, it should be a functional, enjoyable extension of your home, or an impressive addition to your commercial premises.
Rotovating is one of the services we provide, from the smallest bed to full size allotments. We rotovate all plots in 2 directions leaving either a ridged or raked flat surface depending on whether the plot is for vegetables or bedding , shrubs, turfing or seeding.
Tree planting
Tree planting is usually carried out between November and March, also supplying quality nursery stock if required.
Grass seed
We supply 20kg bags of Grass seed. We use a good, general purpose turf mix when seeding our fields to provide a hard-wearing turf with excellent colour, and is not too demanding with regards to maintenance. Always the first choice for your lawn.
Top Soil
Our soil is a 70:30 blend of good quality screened (20mm) top soil, mixed with improving compost. This makes it perfect for all types of landscaping, turfing and planting. Soil is sold in bulk bags, as a rule of thumb, 1 bulk bag covers 30 sq metres to a depth of 1″.
Lawn renovation
We offer a complete lawn care service, and can provide effective pest and disease control and seeding.
Removal, levelling and re-laying of lawn
If your lawn is beyond repair we are able to remove and replace with a new lawn.

We supply good quality seeded turf which we grow ourselves and cut fresh on day of delivery

We offer a next day delivery service if ordered by 1pm. We can also offer flexible delivery options to suit your needs. We have our own lorry with fork lift so we are able to place your turf near to the site of laying for your convenience. For smaller loads or deliveries where access is difficult we can delivery by trailer.

We are able to provide advice on ground preparation and turf laying.

We can refurbish your old lawn by lifting your old turf and laying a new quality lawn.